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Cover of Interspecies Violation

My new ebook, Interspecies Violation is now available! Find it at the following retailers:


Strapped for cash, Sarah agrees to be a research participant at a bio-medical lab. When she finds the monster they’ve been keeping, she wants out… but will it let her go? A 3500 word short story with intense tentacle ravishment!

This story is part I of the Interspecies Sex trilogy, though it can be read as a stand-alone. (Or save money and buy the bundle—3 stories in one!)

Warnings: tentacle monster sex, dubious consent, forced sex, oral, anal, impregnation.

Love tentacle-flavoured dub-con? You’ll love Interspecies Violation!


“Let me out! Someone let me out!”

A limb snaked around her ankle, and she screamed. She slammed her heel into the door, but it only squeezed tighter. Another limb slid up beneath her hospital gown, caressing the backs of her thighs. The tentacle narrowed sharply into a point, but instead of being smooth flesh the tip was concave and lined with tiny suckers.

“Oh God,” she whispered. There were hundreds of them, of varying shapes and sizes. She couldn’t see far enough into the darkness to tell whether it was just one huge monstrous creature or several, the base of each tentacle disappearing into the shadows. Some were tipped with suckers and others looked as though they had tiny teeth, glinting in the light.

All of them were heading towards her.

Find it now at the following retailers!