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Dinner and a Show erotic ebook by Aster Zhen, BDSM lesbian

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A hot date with Mistress turns into something more… much more! From public masturbation to double penetration, is there anything this submissive can’t handle? A 4200 word short story of steamy lesbian sex!

Warnings: BDSM, FFF, exhibitionism, public masturbation, oral, anal, flogging, spanking, sensory deprivation, double penetration, multiple partners, ménage, group sex.

Love seeing a helpless submissive getting reamed by hot, horny women? You’ll love Dinner and a Show!


“Tell me,” she said. “Tell me what you need. Tell me what you think about when you touch yourself. When you come. Tell me what makes you wet, every time.”

Images flashed through my mind. I was getting aroused from her voice alone, my hands sweaty where they rested in my lap. I met her eyes.

“I imagine my Mistress watching me,” I said. “Watching me scream. Watching me cry. Watching me come. I can’t help being taken, I can’t stop her. I’m a whore, a slut. My Mistress is going to use me, and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

She sat back, observing me. I dropped my eyes again, staring at my nails. Fear came over me. What if that wasn’t enough? What if she wanted something else, someone who could truly, deeply submit to her, without needing to be forced?

She tapped a nail on her glass, interrupting my thoughts. I almost jumped for the wine, standing up to pour. I filled her glass and set the bottle back in its holder. As I glanced up, I noticed a man at the next table watching me.

I looked down and realized that my mini dress had ridden up my thighs, exposing a hint of my panties. I squeaked in horror and tugged down the hem as I sat back in my seat, face burning with embarrassment.

She sipped her wine. I sat, miserable, not wanting to see the expression of disdain on her face, longing to be home, away, anywhere but here beneath her scrutiny.

“Take them off.”

I blinked stupidly, then understood her intent. I grabbed my purse before getting to my feet.

“No.” She pointedly looked down at my chair. “You can do it here.”

I slowly sat down. I peeled back the hem of my skirt, trying not to wriggle too much and draw attention to myself. The crotch of my panties was already wet. With a few tugs, I wrestled it off my hips. Once past my knees, I used my heels to hook it off one leg and then the other, rolling it up and stuffing it into my purse.

“Show me,” she said.

I brought my purse up and opened it so she could glance inside. I could smell my arousal, and desperately hoped that no one else had noticed.

Amelia nodded, and I put my purse aside. I was conscious of the way my thighs touched, the feeling of my bare ass against the silky lining of my dress. Part of me was horrified that I had just stripped off in public, and another part of me was thrilled.

“Now. You’re going to make yourself come before dessert.”

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