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Interspecies Penetration cover

Interspecies Penetration, the second book in the Interspecies Sex series is now available!

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Natalie has it all: she’s the head of the Institute’s breeding program, and it’s her job to see that unsuspecting women get all the tentacles they can handle. But when one woman fights back, who will end up on top? Can Natalie escape with her clothes and her dignity intact? A 4400 word short story with explicit tentacle action!

This story is part II of the Interspecies Sex trilogy, though it can be read as a stand-alone. (Or save money and buy the bundle—3 stories in one!)

Warnings: tentacle monster sex, dubious consent, forced sex, oral, anal, impregnation, forced breeding.

Love tentacles and naughty lab researchers? You’ll love Interspecies Penetration!


“Oh God, what is that? Are those snakes? You people are sick!”

That was Natalie’s cue to leave. Tentacles slid across the ground, attracted by the scent of Sarah’s distress.

Natalie had never been this close to them before. They were so exotic, beautiful even, making sinuous waves as they crept closer. Grey and rubbery in texture, they ranged in widths from no bigger than a thumb to as thick as a man’s calf.

“Please let me out! Please… please!”

Remaining within the vicinity of the creature went against every procedure in the book, but Natalie couldn’t bring herself to move. Something compelled her to watch, equally repulsed and fascinated as the tentacles slid closer to Sarah. Seeing it in the flesh was infinitely different to seeing it on a screen. It was huge! Half its body remained submerged, with only the extremities showing. From beneath the water, Natalie thought she could see two great eyes staring at her.

“What is it doing–ahhh! Someone help me!”

Natalie looked at the gurney. A feeder tentacle reached up between Sarah’s legs, disappearing under her hospital gown.

“Don’t worry, it’s just checking your spawn.”

“Spawn? What the hell do you mean? Ohhh…. stop! Make it stop! It’s going to–!”

Sarah broke off in a scream, thrashing against her restraints. Sweat broke out on her brow as she struggled.

“It–it feels wet! What’s happening to me?”

Natalie adjusted her glasses, clearing her throat. “Your body can’t synthesise the right compounds, so it’s pumping nourishment into your womb. We’ll have to bring you back here on a weekly basis once you get closer to term.”

“Like hell you will! I’ll sue your asses! I’ll–oh!”

“You should open your mouth now,” Natalie advised.

“What? Ahhh!”

P5201-X helped her, grasping Sarah’s hair by the roots and using another tentacle to pull down her jaw. The feeder tentacle moved from between her legs, up her body to her mouth, dripping fluid along the way.

“Nnngh! Mmph!” Sarah cried, her jaw wide open to receive it. The tentacle forced its way into her mouth and she made choked noises, gagging around it. She rolled her eyes back in her head, blinking rapidly until tears slid down her cheeks.

Natalie was so engrossed in the spectacle, she didn’t notice anything amiss… right until the moment something brushed her fingers.

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