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Interspecies Domination cover

Interspecies Domination, the third book in the Interspecies Sex series is now published!

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Gina is a girl on a mission: to find a stolen tentacle monster and to bring it back alive. But the creature won’t be taken without a fight! Can Gina resist its cruel embrace, or will she get more than she bargained for? A 6600 word short story of hot tentacle sex and forced impregnation!

This story is part III of the Interspecies Sex trilogy, though it can be read as a stand-alone. (Or save money and buy the bundle—3 stories in one!)

Warnings: tentacle monster sex, dubious consent, forced sex, oral, anal, impregnation, forced breeding, mild violence, monster erotica, erotic horror, explicit erotica.

Love dangerous tentacle monsters with your erotica? You’ll love Interspecies Domination!


Gina froze under its gaze. It almost looked like a trick of the light, the dark mass, the giant eyes. It was close—too close to her for comfort.

“What do you want?” she whispered. “What was Project P5201-X?”

A single tentacle emerged. Gina watched as it neared, unable to move in the same way that a deer might freeze in the presence of oncoming headlights. It brushed the sole of her foot, feeling cool and smooth and not at all slimy like she’d feared.

“Can you understand me?” she asked.

The tentacle moved to her other foot, caressing her toes and twining around her ankle. She shivered. If she closed her eyes, she could almost imagine that it was a hand, a real, human hand—

She opened her eyes to find the tentacle wrapped around her thigh. “You’re—you’re doing something to me! Get out of my head!”

In response, more tentacles came out of the water. Alarmed now, Gina tried to stand, but she was securely anchored by the tentacle around her leg.

More tentacles shot up her body. She could see variations in them now; some were wider, their colours ranging from a pale light grey to almost black. Instead of tapering into a smooth point, many tentacles were tipped with tiny mouth-like appendages, some with fine white teeth. Gina tried not to scream as a group of the mouths latched onto her skin, licking and sucking as though a horde of large grey slugs were crawling all over her body.

All the while, the creature’s two great eyes stared at her from under the water, unblinking.

“What do you want?” Gina cried. “I know you can understand me. What the hell do you want?”

She soon regretted her words. A group of images flashed through her mind: the small thing suckling at Sarah’s breast, the curve of Natalie’s distended belly.

Hadn’t you wondered why you were the only one left alive?
she asked herself. The only one… the only female?

She hadn’t wanted to see it that way. “No,” she cried, snatching handfuls of the tentacles and pulling them off her skin. “No!”

The tentacles around her legs contracted and moved, pulling her knees apart. Gina screamed.

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