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Cover for Slave to the Tentacle Alien

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In the future, humans cede control of Earth to the alien rrelks. They’re bigger, stronger, smarter and covered with tentacles. Now humans are treated as little more than animals. Can a human pet ever hope to find love with her rrelk Master? Or is the gap between the species too great? A 5000 word short story of romance and domination between Master and pet!

Warnings: tentacle monster sex, alien sex, Master/pet, pet play, power imbalance, discipline, oral, anal, erotic romance, explicit erotica, lesbian group sex. Contains very strong language and explicit sexual content between consenting adults aged 18 and over (human and alien). Adult-only themes may offend or disturb some readers.

If you love alien romance and domination, you’ll love ‘Slave to the Tentacle Alien’!


Slowly, all the tentacles reached towards me, gliding over my skin, curling around my belly and over my shoulders. The one in my hands shook free of my grasp and drifted up, caressing my cheek. I closed my eyes and leaned into it.

I was so mesmerized by the sensation that I didn’t notice Master coming closer until it was right next to me. I froze. Master’s eyes were a deep black, and more ovoid in shape than a human’s. I found myself staring into them, lost.

Master took my face in its hands, claws stroking my cheeks, light enough not to damage the skin. Master buried its hands in my hair, tentacles writhing all over my body as though eager to touch every last part of me.

I’d never cared about my nakedness before, but now I felt shy, exposed beneath Master’s gaze. It was as though Master as was stripping me of all my pretensions, molding me into something new with its touch.

A sucker drifted over my sex and I squealed, drawing back from it. Master tightened its hold on me, forcing me to remain still as the tentacle continued its exploration, nudging aside my folds and probing them with its soft fronds. I squealed again, blushing with the knowledge of how I was already damp.

Master spoke a command. I fell to my knees, the tentacles rearranging themselves to accommodate my new position. The sucker against my nub began to hum softly, and I moaned in pleasure, grinding myself against it.

Master shifted behind me. Its tentacles contracted, pushing my knees apart. I lowered my head, placing more weight on my hands for stability.

I looked down between my legs to see a tentacle poised and ready. I squirmed and made a noise of complaint, seeing its girth. Surely Master didn’t intend to penetrate me with that?

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