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Cover of Breeding Her by the Beach, blonde girl in bikini reclining on sand

Breeding Her by the Beach: The Diary of a Tentacle Monster is now available from the following retailers:

I tried something different this time, taking the point of view of the monster. It’s lonely, affectionate, and just wants to spend the summer with a pretty girl—what’s not to love?


A tentacle monster meets a girl on a beach, and is determined to win her heart. But when she betrays its trust, how will the monster respond? A 3000 word short story of lust, betrayal, and impregnation by tentacles!

Warnings: tentacle monster sex, impregnation, oral, anal, erotic romance, explicit erotica, dubious consent, foot fetish. Contains very strong language and explicit sexual content between adults aged 18 and over (human and monster). Adult-only themes may offend or disturb some readers.

If you love tentacle monster impregnation and romance, you’ll love Breeding Her by the Beach: The Diary of a Tentacle Monster.


I didn’t just want her body. I needed her to accept me, to welcome me inside. I tried to show her, by nudging again at her lips.

This time, she opened for me. I delved in, eager to experience all of her. I felt the rough surface of her tongue, the sweet wet warmth of her mouth. She choked and whimpered when I went in further, eyes widening as she struggled to breathe. Her throat was tight, far too tight for me to penetrate comfortably.

She gasped when I left her mouth, her lips plump and swollen from having to stretch around me. I stroked her hair in thanks, and she moaned, her eyes glistening.

I was ready to take her. I pulled her legs to her shoulders, exposing her sex. She made urgent little noises, her heartbeat fluttering as quickly as a bird’s. I caressed her thighs, thanking her for the gift she was about to bestow on me.

Her sex gleamed with moisture, open and inviting. When I touched her, she yelped, twisting in my grasp. I could smell her arousal, her need. She wanted me as deeply as I wanted her.

I began lightly, stroking her sensitive clit and swollen lips. She moaned, writhing helplessly in my arms. I couldn’t wait any longer.

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