Are you confused about the popularity of tentacle porn? Puzzled about your friend’s secret stash, or maybe unsure of why you enjoy the genre yourself?

Find out my reasons for why I ♥ tentacles!

1. Multiple, simultaneous penetration with the same partner is de rigueur. Ever wish your lover could be in all places at the same time? With a tentacle monster, you’ll never be disappointed!

This can also have a romantic element, where a full-body hug turns into a cocooning experience—mm!

2. Tentacles are weird, and weird sex is awesome! Or at least, so far removed from reality that scary situations aren’t threatening. We can feel vulnerable and read about fear, pain and even rape while being reassured that this is just a fantasy.

3. Using a monstrous ‘other’ focuses attention on the point of view character. Everything else becomes secondary to her reactions, sensations, her impending feeling of dread. There’s often no expectation that the woman will need to pleasure her lover—freeing her up to experience each moment for herself.

This is true of dubious consent in general. There’s no doubt that dubious consent and monsters go hand in hand—after all, who could ever fall in love with something so alien?

4. Unlike human and humanoid rapists, we frequently feel sympathy for the monster. Why should it follow our norms when it’s not even human? This is especially true when forced impregnation is involved—the monster is obeying biological imperatives, not committing a crime.

In some cases, the monster will comfort and care for the woman, protecting her and their young. Surely that’s something we can all empathise with: family values!

These are my reasons for why I think tentacle erotica and monster sex resonates with so many of us.

What are your reasons? Why do you think it’s so appealing?

Or if you’re not yet convinced, why not read a few stories and see whether they work for you!