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Cover for "Taken Alive: Escape from the Tentacle Demons 2", shows girl in bra lying eyes closed against stylistic background of giant tentacle

Taken Alive: Escape from the Tentacle Demons is now available! Follow Kelly’s journey from Defiled as she tries to escape the haunted village!

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Scared and violated, Kelly has only one goal in mind: escape from the village filled with tentacle demons. But how will she escape when danger is everywhere? Can she trust Brenda, who already betrayed her? A 3600 word story of revenge, soul-stealing and ravishment by tentacles!

This story is part II of the Escape from the Tentacle Demons trilogy, though it can be read as a stand-alone. (Or save money and buy the bundle—3 stories in one!)

Warnings: tentacle monster sex, oral, anal, rimming, triple tentacle penetration, menage a trois, coerced lesbianism, forced bi, dubious consent, forced sex. Contains very strong language and explicit sexual content between adults aged 18 and over (human and demon). Adult-only themes may offend or disturb some readers.

If you love erotic horror and tentacles, you’ll love Taken Alive: Escape from the Tentacle Demons!



Brenda sagged in the demon’s embrace, as though she had already given up. Kelly bent down to unbutton her blouse, and Brenda bit her.

“Ow!” Kelly clutched her hand to her chest. Blood welled up from between her knuckles.

Gag her. The demon waved a tentacle invitingly next to Brenda’s face. It was about the width of Kelly’s arm, tapering to a rounded tip.

“No—don’t you dare! Don’t—”

Kelly grabbed the tentacle. It was warm to the touch, quivering under her fingers. She swallowed down her nausea, and pushed it into Brenda’s mouth. It took her three tries to get it in, since Brenda whipped her head from side to side, lips firmly shut. It was only with the help of more tentacles that Kelly was able to pry open her mouth open.

“No—mmph!” Brenda wailed, as Kelly shoved it in. She choked on its girth, lips stretched wide to accommodate it. Kelly felt her throat close over in a sympathetic response.

The demon swept Brenda away from the road, and laid her down in the grass. Kelly looked at her car. Maybe now that it was distracted, she could—

Don’t keep us waiting.

There were tentacles lurking beside Kelly’s ankles, stretching all the way from the demon’s body to her feet. She sighed, and followed them.

The creature held Brenda spread-eagled, holding down her wrists and ankles. Kelly was able to unbutton Brenda’s shirt without interruption, save for the occasional noise that might’ve been a muffled threat.

Brenda wasn’t wearing a bra. She heaved for breath, her breasts catching the moonlight with each inhalation.

Kelly looked at the demon for instructions, and it gestured towards Brenda with one of its tentacles. Kelly knelt down. She couldn’t believe what she was about to do. Before she let herself think about it too much, she leant over and took one of Brenda’s nipples in her mouth.

The effect was instantaneous. Brenda jerked against her, moaning. Her nipple hardened under Kelly’s tongue as she sucked. Kelly pinched Brenda’s other nipple, drawing it out into a stiff peak.


Take off her skirt.

Kelly reached down, fumbling with Brenda’s waist band. Brenda thrashed, making it difficult for for Kelly to find the clasp.

“I’m sorry,” Kelly said, without much conviction. Their eyes met. Kelly turned away.

Hurry up.

She finally found the hook, and pulled Brenda’s skirt down to her knees. The tentacles took it from there, tearing the fabric so that it could be removed without releasing Brenda.

Her underthings were trimmed with lace. Kelly averted her eyes. She didn’t want to know, didn’t want to see what was in front of her.

Have you been with women before?

Kelly shook her head. Well, she’d kissed her best friend once while drunk, but that didn’t really count.

The demon ripped off the garments, tossing them aside. It pushed Brenda’s thighs apart, lifting up her hips to expose her sex.

Well, there’s a first time for everything.

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