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Cover for Aster Zhen's Impregnated: Escape from the Tentacle Demons

Impregnated: Escape from the Tentacle Demons is now available! Follow Kelly’s journey from Taken Alive as she makes a bargain she’ll never forget!

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Lost in a haunted village, Kelly makes one final dash for escape. But when her car runs out of gas, she has no choice but to make a deal. Will it lead to her death, or something worse? A 3200 word story of bargains, deceit and impregnation by tentacles!

This story is part III of the Escape from the Tentacle Demons trilogy, though it can be read as a stand-alone. (Or save money and buy the bundle—3 stories in one!)

Warnings: tentacle monster sex, oral, anal, impregnation, triple tentacle penetration, gangbang, orgy, multiple partners, rough sex, demon tentacles, dubious consent, forced breeding. Contains very strong language and explicit sexual content between adults aged 18 and over (human and demon). Adult-only themes may offend or disturb some readers.

If you love tentacle monster breeding, you’ll love Impregnated: Escape from the Tentacle Demons!


Her speedometer began to drop: 70, 60, 50… Nothing she did made the car go any faster. The numbers continued to fall, until her engine spluttered out and the dashboard went dark, the car gliding to a standstill.

“No,” Kelly moaned, punching buttons and fiddling with dials. “No—no! This can’t be happening!”

She beat her fists against the steering wheel, sobbing in desperation. She was sick of running, sick of hiding. She just wanted this nightmare to be over.

Claws screeched against her windows, and she sat up with a start.

Let us in, Kelly.

Scores of tentacles pressed against the glass. Kelly screamed, shoving herself back into her seat.

“Go away! Leave me alone!”

There were dozens of glowing eyes amid the tangle of limbs surrounding her car. Piles of tentacles slid over one another, until it was impossible to tell which tentacle belonged to which demon. One encircled the windscreen wiper, breaking it off and tossing it aside.

There was a grinding sound from beneath the chassis. Kelly clung to her seat, digging herself in as far back as she could go.

The car tilted, rocking on its side. Kelly screamed, and slid against the window as the car fell back the other way.

Don’t resist, Kelly. Let us in.

Tentacles pounded on the windows, and Kelly pulled away, huddling knees to chest in the centre of the car. She was surrounded, grinning teeth and glowing eyes staring at her from every direction. The thumping grew more rhythmic as the demons began to coordinate their efforts, moving as one to break the glass.

Cracks appeared in the corner of the passenger’s side window. They splintered, radiating out like a spider’s web. Kelly whimpered, pulling back to the other side of the car, but the same thing was happening on the driver’s side.

Kelly… We’re going to fuck you, Kelly.

“No… no!”

Both windows shattered, showering Kelly with glass. She screamed as tentacles swarmed through the gaps in her car, heedless of the jagged shards left in the frames. More glass rained down on the inside, and Kelly covered her head, willing it all to go away.

It didn’t. Tentacles wrapped around her waist, tugging her in both directions. She swatted at them, picking up a piece of glass and stabbing wildly. Inky fluid spurted out of a tentacle, and it reared back in pain.

So they could be hurt. “Die, you fuckers! Die!”

Where she hurt one, dozens more took its place. The demons tore the door open and dragged her out feet first.

Kelly was enveloped in a sea of tentacles. They ran across her skin, hooking under the straps of her dress to probe the flesh beneath. More covered her face and neck, and for a few terrifying moments, she couldn’t breathe or see.

“Help! Someone help me!”

In her heart, she knew that no one would. The town was not a town at all, only a mirage, a playground for demons and a prison for innocent women. And soon, it would claim Kelly as its next victim.

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