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Cover for Escape from the Tentacle Demons Bundle by Aster Zhen

Just in time for the holidays, the Escape from the Tentacle Demons Bundle is available now from the following retailers:


Read all three Escape from the Tentacle Demons stories at a discounted price! Over 10000 words (41 pages) of impregnation, tentacle demon sex and erotic horror! Save over 20% compared to buying each title separately!

Warnings: tentacle monster sex, oral, anal, impregnation, erotic horror, two girls one monster, forced breeding, dubious consent, forced sex, tentacle rape.

Contains three titles: Defiled, Taken Alive and Impregnated.

1. Defiled
Kelly is moving to a new city, when her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Lost in an unfamiliar village, she can feel that something is wrong—very wrong. Will the town’s inhabitants let her leave? And what do they want with her body?

2. Taken Alive
Scared and violated, Kelly has only one goal in mind: escape from the village filled with tentacle demons. But how will she escape when danger is everywhere? Can she trust Brenda, who already betrayed her?

3. Impregnated
Lost in a haunted village, Kelly makes one final dash for escape. But when her car runs out of gas, she has no choice but to make a deal. Will it lead to her death, or something worse?

If you love tentacle monster sex and erotic horror, you’ll love the Escape from the Tentacle Demons Bundle!


Kelly screamed a wordless protest. More tentacles swarmed over her legs, moving up from her ankles to her thighs. Her body arched out of the bath, seeking freedom. The demon clung to her, leaving red marks across her wrists.

Kelly gasped as it pressed a tentacle against her panties, rubbing the tip of its limb against her crotch. “Stop that!”

“Let me tell you what’s going to happen to you, Kelly. I’m going to make you climax. I’m going to fill your holes, one by one, until you beg me for release.”


“Yes. And at your final moment, I’ll take a bit of your soul. Just a fraction. You won’t miss it.”

“No—no! You can’t!”

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