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Cover for Sacrificed to the Kraken

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The Kraken commands the seas, the depths and the might of the ocean. Katia’s never been devout, but when she’s offered up as a sacrifice, she is forced to atone. Will the Kraken deem her a worthy mate, or will Katia succumb to its insatiable appetite? A 4000 word/16 page short story of virginal sacrifice, tentacle monster devotion and impregnation!

Warnings: tentacle monster sex, tentacle impregnation, tentacle penetration, virgin sex, first-time sex. Contains very strong language and explicit sexual content between consenting adults aged 18 and over (human and other). Adult-only themes may offend or disturb some readers.

If you love romance and piety with your tentacles, you’ll love Sacrificed to the Kraken!


More tentacles crept onto the rocks, sliding up her legs. She’d lost her boots in the frantic swim, and her feet dangled, bare, vulnerable. The suckers on the insides of the tentacles tickled her soles, and she stifled a gasp, wondering if it was blasphemous to speak.

She risked peeking through her eyelashes, taking a glimpse of the limbs surrounding her. They were just like priests had said, deep black, with pale suckers. She grazed one with her fingertips, then jerked away, ashamed of her boldness. The tentacles didn’t seem to mind, continuing their slow exploration of her body.

They slithered up her skirts, finding a clasp to her dress. They unlaced her bodice with surprising speed, the tips of the tentacles as dexterous as human fingers. Katia helped them with their task, laying her clothes aside on the wet rock. Her skirts and smallclothes soon followed, until she was naked as the day she’d been born.

Katia shivered in the biting wind. She fought the urge to cover herself, letting the tentacles do as they pleased. They wrapped around her limbs, gently stretching her out until her wrists and ankles were near the remnants of the metal posts. She lay spread-eagled, completely exposed to the elements.

She couldn’t bear to gaze upon Its teeth, to stare into Its gigantic eyes as It swallowed her alive. She had to be brave, for her family’s sake.

“Please make it quick,” she prayed. “Please. Please.”

The tentacles seemed to be in no hurry to pry her from the rock. They caressed her skin, awakening in her an inner fire. What if it didn’t want to eat her? What then?

Katia threw her head back, her throat catching the full light of the moon. Her lips parted, as she remembered the scenes carved in cherry oak. Impaled by tentacles… but wouldn’t that hurt?

“Great One,” she said. “Show me what I must do.”

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