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Cover for Holly gets Milked by the Tentacle Alien (erotic tentacle impregnation breeding) by Aster Zhen

The final in the Breeding Holly trilogy, Holly gets Milked by the Tentacle Alien is available now from the following retailers:


After Holly becomes the mother to an alien baby, Sian demands that Holly gets impregnated—again! Can Holly find a way to avoid her fate? And is the tentacle alien actually falling in love with Holly? Find out in Holly gets Milked by the Tentacle Alien: a 4000 word (16 page) short story of lactation, romance, and revenge!

This story is part 3 of the Breeding Holly trilogy, though it can be read as a stand-alone.

Warnings: tentacle alien penetration, tentacle monster sex, lesbian sex, lactation, dubious consent, forced sex. Contains very strong language and explicit sexual content between adults aged 18 and over (human and alien). Adult-only themes may offend or disturb some readers.

If you love rough tentacle sex, you’ll love Holly gets Milked by the Tentacle Alien: Breeding Holly 3!


The alien shook its head. It advanced on her, its deep black eyes never leaving her own.

Holly shivered. “Please—”

The tentacle alien slithered across the floor, and climbed onto the bed. “Holly,” it repeated. It brushed Holly’s breasts, staring at them as milk leaked from her nipples.

“The baby! I have to go—” Holly tried to sit up, then hunched over, clutching her stomach. Stars burst behind her eyes as she closed them, forcing herself to take deep breaths.

The tentacle alien stroked Holly’s hair, and began to massage her breasts. There was a look in its eyes, as though its bloodlust was not yet sated.

Fine jets of milk squirted from Holly’s breasts. The alien bent down and pressed its face-tentacles against her skin, sucking at her nipples and swallowing greedily.

“You mustn’t!”

The alien paid her no heed, continuing to feed. Its limbs changed colour again, turning from black to the deepest purple.

“Oh,” Holly groaned, alarmed by her natural inclination to thrust against the alien’s face. She resisted the impulse, struggling to stay still, but the urge was too strong. She pressed her elbows into the bed, raising herself up to offer her breasts to the alien.

It latched onto her with a new ferocity. The alien encircled her arms and legs, stretching her out as it continued to drink. Excess milk ran down its face-tentacles and dripped onto her skin, rapidly drying in the cool air.

Holly whimpered, breasts aching, and wondered what it would do when her milk ran out. Lost in the tangle of limbs, she tried to relax. Her eyes fluttered closed, and she sighed, arcing into the alien’s grasp.

The tentacles around her tightened, and Holly squealed, looking down to see herself held a yard above the bed. The sheet slipped from her body, trailing down in a whisper of silk.

“What do you want from me?” she asked.

The alien raised its head for the first time since it had started drinking. Holly shivered in its gaze, feeling small and insignificant before its silent regard. The alien stared at her with its large, dark eyes. In them she found instinctual hatred of anything human, and disdain for her soft, weak body. Holly trembled, trying not to cry.

It forced her legs apart, suckers leaving red marks on her inner thighs. It allowed Holly one quick breath, then entered her, its tentacle thick and hard.

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