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Impregnated by the Mutant Tentacle Plant by Aster Zhen cover features orgasmic young woman brunette lying in grass nature with vine plant fern

The first book in my new monster series, Impregnated by the Mutant Tentacle Monster is now available!

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For years, Liz has devoted her life to studying and caring for Seph, a hybrid of botanical and cephalopod genes. But as Seph matures, its behaviour grows more aggressive and unpredictable. Is Liz capable of calming its violent rages? Or will she be its next victim?

Warnings: tentacle monster sex, oral, anal and impregnation. Contains very strong language and explicit sexual content. Adult-only themes may offend or disturb some readers.

If you love sci-fi horror and tentacle mutants, you’ll love Impregnated by the Mutant Tentacle Plant!


The tentacles slid up the inside of her leg, brushing the hem of her shorts. Liz flinched at their touch, and Seph pulled her legs apart, holding her open.

Liz screamed, struggling until she was flustered and sweating, her heart racing. “I know you would never hurt me,” she said, “but they’ll kill you if they found out. Please—just let me go, and I promise I won’t make a report.”

Seph showed no indication of hearing her. Instead, its tentacle drifted higher, slipping under the edge of her shorts and tracing over her panties.

“Dammit! Won’t you listen to me?”

The tentacle around her waist shifted, and flipped Liz onto her front. Seph raised her to her knees, its tentacles squirming underneath her top to brush her naked skin.

“Oh,” Liz gasped. The fabric of her tank strained and bulged with the number of tentacles pressed against it, the seams finally giving way from the pressure. Tentacles squirmed over each other to encircle her breasts, pinching and flicking at her nipples. Liz shuddered, staring at them with horror.

“This isn’t right!” she said. “I made you. I love you!”

A tentacle rubbed her crotch through her panties, and Liz jerked her hips, straining to get away. She whimpered as it moved, pushing and probing, as though it needed to feel the exact outline of her sex. More tentacles swarmed to its aid, tugging off her shorts and panties in one fluid motion.

Completely exposed, Liz shivered, though not from the cold. On all fours, her back was arched, hips tilted with her ass upturned, knees held apart. Her breasts hung away from her body, nipples hard from the constant attention of the tentacles swarming around her chest. Her hair draped over her face, partially hiding her expression of shame and terror.


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