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Following Her Lead: an erotic lesbian romance by Aster Zhen, ebook, redhead, women, sultry, sexy, sensual, bride, bed, red hair

Now, for something completely different: my newest short is Following Her Lead, a sweet and sultry lesbian romance.

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A girlish crush turns into something more…

On a sultry afternoon, two students explore their most intimate fantasies. Fayne is everything Maia’s not: daring, seductive, and deliciously wicked. Can Maia find the courage to confess her true feelings, or is Fayne just taking her for a ride?

Warnings: lesbians, strap-on, anal. Contains very strong language and explicit sexual content between consenting adults aged 18 and over. Adult-only themes may offend or disturb some readers.

Following Her Lead is recommended for readers who love lesbian erotica and bittersweet romance.


Fayne pored over the landscape, like a king surveying his country. The light caught her hair, picking out strands of gold and copper.


She turned, and caught me by my waist, bringing me close. “You silly thing,” she said, and kissed me, her mouth still sticky with the taste of palm sugar.

I melted in her grasp, our bodies joined at the hips, her arms holding me steady. She tore at my clothing, and I fumbled with hers, my fingers clumsy with every hook and button.

She pushed my tunic down over my shoulders, the sleeves entrapping my arms. Reaching behind me, she quickly unravelled the fabric that covered my breasts, releasing them from their confines.

She crushed her mouth against mine, stealing my breath away with another kiss. My nipples rasped against the fabric of her open shirt, and I sighed, the sound quickly turning to a moan as she pressed her lips into the nape of my neck, trailing kisses down across my sternum.

“You mustn’t,” I said weakly, placing both palms on her chest as though to push her away.

“Mustn’t what? Adore you?” she laughed.

My heart skipped a beat, but I set my mouth in a stern line. “You’re a player, Fayne Theroux.”

“You love it.”

I snorted in disgust, but nonetheless wriggled my tunic down over my hands, freeing them, and traced my fingers under her shirt and over her back, feeling the heat of her skin.

“If I dipped my hand between your legs,” she asked, “will I find you wet?”

“Why don’t you find out?”

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