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Impregnated by the Mutant Tentacle Plant 2 by Aster Zhen cover features orgasmic young woman brunette lying in grass nature with vine plant fern

The long-awaited sequel to Impregnated by the Mutant Tentacle Plant is finally here!

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In this exciting sequel, Liz is compelled to appease Seph’s monstrous appetites. Can she resist its tentacles, or will its passion break her?

If you love tentacles, you’ll love Impregnated by the Mutant Tentacle Plant 2!

This erotic story is 4200 words long (16 pages) and is suitable for reading in a single session. It contains tentacle monster sex, oral, anal and pregnant sex.


Liz pressed her knees together, and shivered. It hadn’t bothered her during the headlong flight, but now she drew an arm across her breasts, painfully aware of her nudity.

“I’ve got to stop showing you those B-grade horror movies,” she said. “They’ve obviously been a bad influence.”

This didn’t feel like a time for joking, but she couldn’t help herself. The whole thing was absurd, like something from a bad dream.

“Seph–” Liz said. She broke off in a gurgle as a tentacle was shoved down her throat, spurting sweet fluid. Liz caught herself, and drank. She hadn’t realised how dehydrated she’d become over the course of the night, but now she swallowed greedily, holding the tentacle to her lips with both hands.

“Thank you,” she said, wiping the last drops from her mouth. It was an automatic response, and she didn’t think anything of her words, but Seph seemed pleased. It reached a tentacle towards her, tracing her bruises.

“It doesn’t hurt,” she said, as though to assuage its feelings. “But that was bad. Do you understand me? Very bad!”

Seph said nothing, of course, but leant in, enveloping Liz with its arms. Liz found herself placed on the ground, tentacles wrapped tightly around her ankles.

“No,” she said, in a voice she’d used exclusively for training. “No! How many times do I have to tell you?”

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