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Impregnated by the Mutant Tentacle Plant 3 by Aster Zhen cover features orgasmic young woman brunette lying in grass nature with vine plant fern

Read the harrowing conclusion to Liz’s adventures with the mutant tentacle plant!

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Kidnapped and alone, Liz is vulnerable to Seph’s every whim. Faced with her pregnancy and Seph’s desires, Liz takes matters into her own hands. Can she find the strength to leave, or will she be with Seph forever?

If you love tentacle impregnation, you’ll love Impregnated By The Mutant Tentacle Plant 3!

This erotic story is 4500 words long (18 pages) and is suitable for reading in a single session. Warnings: strong language, explicit erotic content and adult themes. For mature audiences only.


When Liz next opened her eyes, all she could see was a wall of green. The sun was setting, bathing her in a delicate purple glow.

She sat up, and looked around. Tentacles waved at her through the bars in her cage.

“Oh!” she said, as one touched her face. She was surrounded, the limited space in the cage leaving her nowhere to hide.

The tentacles moved slowly. Liz stumbled from one side of the cage to the other, like a drunken beggar, lurching in the dark. Everywhere she turned, Seph was there.

“Are you just going to keep me here?”

A tentacle wrapped around her hair, pulling her head back. There were bruises on her throat. She knew this without looking at herself. Bruises on her thighs, and on her hips, and on her soul.

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