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seduced by the sexbot in space cover image - city background with woman's face looking aside

I’m so sorry for the long wait, dear readers! I finally got off my ass and published another story. I’d been sitting on it for a while.

I’d wanted to do something more sci-fi for a while, kind of space opera, inspired by shows like Farscape.

Anyway, it’s finally here: Seduced by the Sexbot: In Space, a lesbian title.

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Amanda knew that she was different. Flawed.

While all her friends had been discovering boys, Amanda hadn’t seen the appeal. Organics were… coarse. Dirty.

She thought she’d buried those desires deep inside her, never to be felt again.

She was wrong.

Warnings: Adult lesbian scenarios, sex toys, rough sex, sci-fi erotica, reluctance. Content may be triggering or offensive to some readers.
Seduced by the Sexbot: In Space is a 5000 word (20 page) short story, suitable for reading in a single session.


Ceri’s eye sockets glowed with soft blue lights, unblinking. Instead of speaking, she raised a metallic hand to Amanda’s face. Her fingers were cold, unnaturally so, and Amanda shivered when Ceri ran a thumb over her lips.

“You’re ill,” Amanda said, shaking off Ceri’s touch. “Corrupted. You need an engineer.”

“Allow me to pleasure you, Amanda.”

“Don’t be stupid.” Amanda stepped backwards, her ass bumping into the control panel. Her hands fumbled on the dashboard to steady herself, and she felt the heat rising to her cheeks. “You need help, Ceri—not whatever this is.”

“Twenty one solar cycles ago, you imagined this vessel using its arm in a manner contrary to health and safety regulations—”

“No, I didn’t! Shut up!”

Available at the following retailers.