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Bunker Bride: a post-apocalyptic affair, erotica by Aster Zhen

Omigosh, I’m so embarrassed! I completely forgot to post this.

I’d been watching a lot of post-apocalyptic tv, and thought it would be a wonderful setting to inspire a certain kind of woman.

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It’s the end of the world. And the sex has never been better.

With most of humanity dead, she’s having the time of her life. She’s got a bunker, a car, some high-tech pleasure toys…and a beautiful, obedient girl to call her very own. What more could any woman want?

Warnings: Adult lesbian scenarios, sex toys, rough sex, lesbian kidnapping, Master/slave, D/s, reluctance. Content may be triggering or offensive to some readers.

Bunker Bride is a 5000 word (20 page) short story, suitable for reading in a single session. Aster Zhen recommends it for readers who enjoy dystopian lesbian erotica with sci-fi overtones.

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