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Red Veil of Desire - a lesbian love story by Aster Zhen

This next book toys with the sacred and the profane. How can you unleash your desire when your love is forbidden, even dangerous?

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Her dearest love became her jailer.

Lady Elissa loved Tamsin from the start, even though Tamsin was only a commoner. But when Elissa contracts a deadly disease and is forced into a convent, Tamsin takes up vows to be close to her. Can they rekindle their dangerous affair, or will their new circumstances drive them apart?

Warnings: Adult lesbian scenarios, rough sex, reluctance. Content may be triggering or offensive to some readers.

The Red Veil of Desire is a 5000 word (20 page) short story, suitable for reading in a single session. Aster Zhen recommends it for readers who enjoy lesbian erotica with fantasy overtones.


Tamsin grabbed her wrists, and gently lowered her hands, exposing her face. Elissa shivered with the effort of holding her breath.

And Tamsin kissed her.

It was nothing more than their lips brushing together, but to Elissa, the touch was electric, the same feeling as plunging into a cold bath. She would pay for this later, she knew; sin never went unpunished—but right now, she was transcendent.

“Come on, Elissa. I didn’t come all this way just for a kiss.”

Her chest was next to bursting. Elissa turned her head and gulped down a mouthful of sweet, precious air, clasping her hands over her face as she breathed. What Tamsin spoke of was anathema.

“It’s wrong,” Elissa said, her voice muffled behind the gloves. “We can’t, not any more. I’m sorry.”

Tamsin sighed. “You have no idea—no idea—what I’ve done to be here, to be with you.” She grabbed Elissa’s wrists, no longer trying to be gentle, and sealed her lips to Elissa’s.

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